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Wandering Massive Black Holes Detected in Nearby Dwarf 2020-01-21 17:35:17Astronomers using NSF’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory have observed 111 nearby dwarf galaxie

Entomologists Discover New Species of Many-Plumed Moth 2020-01-21 13:46:36A species of many-plumed moth believed to be new to science has been discovered in South Africa. Many-plumed moths, or the Alucitidae, are a small fam

Could Invisible Extraterrestrial Life Forms Really Exist Among 2020-01-21 11:31:33Life is pretty easy to recognize. It moves, it grows, it eats, it excretes, it reproduces. Simple. In biology, researchers often use the acronym &lsqu

Researchers Discover New Colony of Magellanic Penguins 2020-01-21 05:59:49A team of scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WSC), the CADIC-CONICET and Argentina’s National Parks Administration has discovere

VLT Sees Newborn Stars in Emission Nebula Gum 2020-01-20 15:25:35The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has released a stunning image snapped by the FOcal Reducer and low dispersion Spectrograph (FORS) instrument o

Wolf Puppies Play Fetch Too, Researchers Find 2020-01-20 13:48:00In a series of experiments, a duo of researchers from the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University has observed eight-week-old wolf puppies spont

Fossils of Earliest Known Scorpion Discovered 2020-01-20 10:47:21The exceptionally preserved fossils of the oldest species of scorpion ever found have been unearthed in Wisconsin, the United States. The newly-discov

New Species of Titi Monkey Discovered in Brazil 2020-01-20 09:37:09An international team of researchers has discovered a new species of titi monkey living in the forests of Brazil. Titi monkeys are one of the most div

Hubble Views Face-On Barred Spiral Galaxy 2020-01-20 05:06:34The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has imaged a beautiful spiral galaxy called NGC 1022. NGC 1022 was discovered by the German-born British astronome

ESA’s Mars Express Orbiter Sees Dust Clouds over 2020-01-17 15:52:03The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) onboard ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft has captured a new image of the icy cap at the Martian north pole

New Feathered Dinosaur Species Identified in China 2020-01-17 13:28:10Paleontologists in China have identified a new species of microraptorine dromaeosaur closely related to the famous dinosaur Velociraptor. The newly-di

Astronomers Spot Four New G-Objects near Milky Way’s 2020-01-17 10:45:19At the center of our Milky Way Galaxy lurks Sagittarius A*, a supermassive black hole that is four million times the mass of the Sun. Recently, two un

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Mathematicians Say They've Figured Out How to Brew New! 2020-01-22 17:00:00The sacred belief that finely ground espresso beans are supreme doesn't hold up to scientific testing.

Snakes Could Be the Source of the Coronavirus 2020-01-22 16:30:00Snakes – the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra – may be involved in the newly discovered coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a

A Skin Cream Could Protect Against Diseases Like 2020-01-22 16:15:00Researchers say a skin cream for warts and skin cancer could also prevent infection from certain viruses.

Scientists Finally Pin Down Why Stress Turns Our 2020-01-22 15:30:00It comes down to the sympathetic nervous system and a common hormone.

New Gene Therapy In Mice Could Offer Lasting 2020-01-22 14:00:00Researchers arm mice with "bioscavengers" that seek and destroy nerve agents, granting immunity.

Ancient Earth's Atmosphere May Have Been Over 70 2020-01-22 14:00:00Micrometeorites billions of years old provide a unique glimpse at our planet's atmospheric past.

Staggeringly Huge, Surprisingly Small and Blisteringly Fast — 2020-01-22 10:45:00Stars come in many sizes and flavors, from those as small as Saturn to some still theoretical.

Ancient Proteins Reveal 6,000-year-old Ring Was Made From 2020-01-21 19:00:00The discovery is latest success in a method that's revolutionizing archaeology and paleontology.

There's More Than One Type of Pain. Scientists 2020-01-21 17:00:00It comes in many types that each require specialized treatment. Scientists are starting to learn how to diagnose the different varieties.

Researchers Discover 15 New Parasitic Wasps That Mind 2020-01-21 17:00:00Before being eaten by the wasp larvae, the spiders build them a cocoon for their metamorphosis.

NASA Wants Your Help Naming Its Mars 2020 2020-01-21 16:20:00School-age children from across the nation submitted essays proposing names for the upcoming rover mission.

This Regenerative Building Material is Made From Sand 2020-01-21 15:00:00Combine sand, gelatin and bacteria, let them rest and watch one brick turn into eight.

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As Coronavirus Spreads from China, Scientists See Grim New! 2020-01-22 18:05:15Epidemics of related viruses, like SARS, killed hundreds. But the W.H.O. has postponed a decision on whether the new outbreak is a global emergency.

Smokers Should Quit at Least 4 Weeks Before New! 2020-01-22 18:03:10In a new study, the health agency urges hospitals and surgeons to play a bigger role to help the world’s 1 billion smokers kick the habit.

Wuhan, Center of Coronavirus Outbreak, Is Being Cut New! 2020-01-22 17:45:57The sudden restrictions — announced after the official death toll nearly doubled — could upend the travel plans of millions of Chinese cit

Stress Really Does Make Hair Go Gray Faster 2020-01-22 15:33:56The same nerves involved in the fight-or-flight response can cause permanent damage to the cells responsible for producing hair color in mice, scienti

China Silences Critics Over Coronavirus Outbreak 2020-01-22 15:29:49Beijing has responded faster to the new threat than it did with SARS, but it still silences and punishes those who veer from the official line, with p

Ancient DNA from West Africa Adds to Picture 2020-01-22 15:08:12From a burial site in Cameroon, archaeologists recovered human genetic material dating as far back as 8,000 years.

Wuhan Coronavirus: C.D.C. Identifies First U.S. Case in 2020-01-22 14:11:46A man in Washington State is infected with a new respiratory virus. Federal officials plan to expand screenings for the infection at major airports.

Bumblebee Vomit: Scientists Are No Longer Ignoring It 2020-01-22 10:24:06Regurgitation is an important consideration when it comes to the process of pollination.

American Journalist Is Arrested in Indonesia Over Visa 2020-01-22 10:12:52The editor, Philip Jacobson, who works for the environmental website Mongabay, was detained last month after attending a public meeting on Borneo isla

What We Know About the Wuhan Coronavirus 2020-01-22 09:38:38A mysterious virus has caused an international outbreak of respiratory illness. Now the infection has arrived in the U.S.

Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak Poses a Test to China's 2020-01-22 07:39:10The new virus has killed at least nine and infected more than 400 people in China, with confirmed cases in the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan

How Fast Can a Human Run? 2020-01-22 07:15:16Two legs are good. Four legs might be better.

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Here, there and everywhere: Large and giant viruses New! 2020-01-22 17:57:01Scientists have uncovered a broad diversity of large and giant viruses that belong to the nucleocytoplasmic large DNA viruses (NCLDV) supergroup. As a

What it's like to live without a sense New! 2020-01-22 17:56:43New research reveals the impact of smell loss. As many as one in 20 people live without smell. But until now there has been little research into the r

Despite less ozone pollution, not all plants benefit 2020-01-22 15:43:36Policies and new technologies have reduced emissions of precursor gases that lead to ozone air pollution, but despite those improvements, the amount o

What's in Puget sound? New technique casts a 2020-01-22 15:43:29Using a new 'non-targeted' approach, researchers screened samples from multiple regions of Puget Sound to look for potentially harmful compounds tha

Surprise discovery shakes up our understanding of gene 2020-01-22 15:43:27A group of scientists has uncovered a previously unknown way that our genes are made into reality. Rather than directions going one-way from DNA to RN

Electrochemical method for extracting uranium, and potentially other 2020-01-22 15:00:30Fifty years ago, scientists hit upon what they thought could be the next rocket fuel. Carboranes -- molecules composed of boron, carbon and hydrogen a

Coronavirus outbreak in China traced to snakes 2020-01-22 15:00:28Emerging viral infections -- from bird flu to Ebola to Zika infections -- pose major threats to global public health, and understanding their origins

Domesticated wheat has complex parentage 2020-01-22 15:00:24Certain types of domesticated wheat have complicated origins, with genetic contributions from wild and cultivated wheat populations on opposite sides

Even after death, animals are important in ecosystems 2020-01-22 15:00:22Animal carcasses play an important role in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Scientists have published these findings in PLOS ONE. Carcasses not

Sea level rise could reshape the United States, 2020-01-22 15:00:21A new study uses machine learning to project migration patterns resulting from sea-level rise. Researchers found the impact of rising oceans will ripp

Late Neolithic Italy was home to complex networks 2020-01-22 15:00:19During the 4th and 3rd millennia BC, Italy was home to complex networks of metalwork exchange, according to a new study.

Mosquito-borne diseases could be prevented by skin cream 2020-01-22 15:00:13A skin cream used to treat warts and skin cancer could help protect people against viral diseases such as Zika and dengue, according to new research.

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Florida Cold Spell Leads To Falling Iquana Alert 2020-01-22 14:41:07The National Weather Service office in Miami tweeted: “Don’t be surprised if you see Iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop i

Barcelona Declares Climate Emergency, Vows To Halve Emissions 2020-01-16 12:50:25Spain's second-largest city is becoming a model for sustainable urban planning.

Rupert Murdoch’s Son Just Went After News Corp’s 2020-01-15 01:07:42James and Kathryn Murdoch said they were “disappointed with the ongoing denial” after months of devastating fires in Australia.

U.S. Navy: We Have More UFO Stuff And 2020-01-14 04:07:26The military reportedly admitted having documents and footage on a famous 2004 sighting, but it's top secret.

How To Stop Boys From Becoming 'Me Too' 2020-01-13 14:16:34A new study on teaching middle schoolers about sexual violence and dating abuse yields interesting clues.

100-Year-Old Tortoise Sex God Retires After Making 800 2020-01-13 04:11:01Diego has had one very busy life, helping to save the Chelonoidis hoodensis from extinction.

'Dumbest' Trump Lie Of 2020: White House Nailed 2020-01-12 23:25:14The White House faced a blizzard of criticism after tweeting about nonexistent snow.

Fossil Fuel Companies Get Enormous Play At UN 2020-01-12 06:00:06The international tobacco treaty bars corporate influence at its negotiations. So why aren't the largest carbon emitters banned from climate conferen

First Full Moon Of 2020 Is A Striking 2020-01-11 06:44:09Friday night's "wolf moon" was snapped by stargazers around the world.

Here's Why You Only Remember Some Of Your 2020-01-10 05:45:08There are a few factors that affect whether you recall what happened in your brain during sleep.

New Study Shows Cuttlefish Can Watch Movies In 2020-01-09 14:22:55Wearing special glasses held in place by glue and Velcro, cuttlefish test subjects showed they have depth perception like humans.

Florida Mom Gave Birth To 2 Sets Of 2020-01-08 17:52:44Alexzandria Wolliston said she won the jackpot with the births of Mark and Malakhi in March and Kaylen and Kaleb in December.

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