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Sola: Preparations on Consultative Loya Jirga 2020-08-05 14:01:20

Morning News Show: UN representative competition 2020-08-05 13:57:30

Tahawol: Sec. Pompeo talks with Taliban’s political deputy 2020-08-05 13:53:11

Zerbena: criticism on government’s negligence in building water 2020-08-05 13:50:01

Sola: Consultative Loya Jirga in Kabul 2020-08-05 13:46:08

Facebook launches TikTok-like product inside Instagram 2020-08-05 13:37:32Facebook rolled out its own version of social media rival TikTok in the United States and more than 50 other countries on Wednesday, embedding a new s

Top Daesh leader arrested in Kunar raid 2020-08-05 12:17:08The Afghan Special Forces have arrested a key commander of the Daesh militant group in Afghanistan. The Defense Ministry said in a statement the ISIS-

Survey finds at least 10 million Afghans infected 2020-08-05 09:15:57Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health said Wednesday that 10 million people have been infected with COVID-19 in the country. Addressing a pres

World Bank approves COVID-19 aid package of $380m 2020-08-05 06:47:49The World Bank has approved a financial package of $380 million to help Afghanistan cushion the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Afghan fam

Indian doctor suspected of having been Jalalabad prison 2020-08-05 02:06:06An Indian doctor was among three Indian nationals suspected of having been involved in Sunday’s prison attack in Jalalabad that killed at least

Toll expected to rise in blast that shook 2020-08-05 00:57:59Lebanese rescue workers dug through the rubble looking for survivors of a powerful warehouse explosion that shook the capital Beirut, killing 78 peopl

Hundreds of Daesh and Taliban prisoners on the 2020-08-04 13:51:20An Afghan MP on Tuesday claimed as many as 800 ISIS (Daesh) and Taliban prisoners are on the loose after escaping during Sunday’s deadly prison

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NATO urges Taliban for an urgent inter-Afghan dialogue 2020-07-27 05:15:06The Taliban had agreed to enter into an inter-Afghan dialogue with the Afghan government and politicians after signing a peace pact with the United St

The scamming case at an Afghanistan state bank 2020-07-27 03:45:12The Afghan-born US citizen who was arrested by the Los Angeles police last Wednesday in connection to scamming an Afghan-based bank was not eligible f

Afghan forces kill, wound 14 Taliban militants in 2020-07-27 02:03:04The Afghan security forces killed at least 6 Taliban militants during the clashes in central Logar province of Afghanistan. According to a statement r

Afghan forces foil 4 back to back explosions 2020-07-27 01:47:59The Afghan forces thwarted militants bid to detonate four improvised explosive devices in Kabul, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said. According to a st

Tajikistan reduces electricity supply to Afghanistan from 450 2020-07-27 01:39:11Tajikistan has reduced the supply of electricity to Afghanistan from 450 megawatts to 40 megawatts only with effect from today. Da Afghanistan Breshna

11 of the 700 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus 2020-07-27 01:07:50A group of 11 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus arrived in India on Sunday who are seeking Indian permanent residency and citizenship amid growing violence targ

Afghan-born U.S. citizen arrested in connection with multi-million 2020-07-26 00:55:33An Afghan-born citizen of the United States was arrested in connection with multi-million fraud case in the United States, the Justice Department of t

Kabul Police arrest 3 suspects in connection with 2020-07-25 01:40:32The police forces in Kabul arrested three suspects in connection with the abduction and murder of a young man in the capital, the Kabul Police Headqua

Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in Khost; at 2020-07-25 01:15:34The Taliban militants suffered heavy casualties during a clash with the Afghan forces in South-eastern Khost province with the Afghan military saying

5 Taliban militants killed, wounded in Afghan forces’ 2020-07-25 00:59:45The Afghan forces countered a Taliban attack in northern Faryab province, killing or wounding at least militants of the group, the Afghan military sai

5 civilians suffer casualties in Taliban roadside bomb 2020-07-25 00:17:15An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) inflicted casualties on five civilians in norhtern Kunduz proivnce of Afghanistan, the Afghan security officials

Afghan army releases photo of militants who joined 2020-07-24 00:59:00The Afghan army released a photo a couple of militants who joined Taliban ranks after being released from prison few weeks ago. The 209th Shaheen Corp

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پاکستان بمقابلہ انگلینڈ: شان مسعود کی انگلینڈ میں New! 2020-08-06 09:59:24انگلینڈ کے خلاف مانچسٹر ک

مطیع اللہ جان کیس: پولیس کو ابھی تک New! 2020-08-06 09:32:54پاکستان کے چیف جسٹس گلزار

ملائیشیا کا مالی سکینڈل جو ایشیا سے ہالی New! 2020-08-06 09:19:16اربوں ڈالر کے ایک سکینڈل ª

اداکاری چھوڑ کر مجھے روحانی سکون مل گیا: New! 2020-08-06 08:03:25ہالی وڈ کی سابق اداکارہ ک®

کورونا وائرس: احمد آباد کے ہسپتال میں آتشزدگی New! 2020-08-06 06:29:16انڈیا کے شہر احمد آباد کے 

کراچی: جماعت اسلامی کی کشمیر یکجہتی ریلی پر New! 2020-08-06 06:11:13پاکستان کے سب سے بڑے شہر ک

جب مکڈونلڈز ہیپی میل کے نگٹس میں سے New! 2020-08-06 05:04:14برطانیہ کے علاقے آلڈرشاٹ

ماں کی ہلاکت کے بعد کم عمر برفانی New! 2020-08-06 05:01:50گلگت بلتستان کا محکمۂ جنگ

بیروت دھماکہ: ’شہر رو رہا ہے، چیخ رہا New! 2020-08-06 04:02:08لبنان کے دارالحکومت بیرو

ہیروشیما، ناگاساکی پر امریکی جوہری حملوں کے دوران New! 2020-08-06 03:36:28رواں ماہ جاپانی شہر ہیروش

ہیروشیما: امریکہ کے جاپان پر ایٹمی حملے کے New! 2020-08-06 01:48:39دوسری عالمی جنگ کے دوران ž

آرٹیکل 370 کا ایک سال: جموں کشمیر سے New! 2020-08-06 01:03:06لداخ کا نام لیتے ہی اس کے خ

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کاش؛ هـزار سلیمان لایق و میر اکبر خیبر 2020-08-03 04:32:35  تماس و ابراز نظر؛ و احیا 

د طالبانو داختریزې اعلامیې تحلیل 2020-08-03 04:20:11    طالبانو د سه شنبې په ور¦

طالب و داعش بر مینای کدام ادیولوژی می 2020-08-03 04:11:46    ایدیولوژی این دو گروه ا

د داعش تر نوم لاندې بریدونه څوک کوی؟‎ 2020-08-03 04:02:32  تازه د ننګرهار ملی امنیت

اظهار نظر روزنامه پاکستانی “دان”در مورد افغانستان و 2020-08-03 03:50:12سرمقاله : روزنامه دان (پاک

تجلیل از عید در قریه ما 2020-08-02 10:33:03ایام عید قربان در پیش استš

عید قربان 2020-07-30 17:11:51  عـیـد قـربان قتل عـام گو

زمام دارانِ دو نیم صد سال اخیر(۲۰۲۰ –۱۷۶۵) 2020-07-29 16:25:44                       جغرافیای ا

این جهان سفله پرور، بازار مکاره ای بیش 2020-07-29 16:18:26  جهان، مکاره بازاری سفله

آریانا سعید ملکه دلها 2020-07-29 16:08:26  با دگرگونی های اجتماعی و

شکننده گی اوضاع و ناهماهنگی ها را 2020-07-28 04:48:55  افغانستان در جغرافیایی

بی اعتنایی حکومت و طالبان به عزت خانواده 2020-07-27 16:32:11  یک منبع در ولایت تخار که