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Myanmar Election Crowds Defy Coronavirus Restrictions at Campaign New! 2020-09-23 18:28:00Electoral officials fault the parties, who say they can’t stop the throngs of supporters.

Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti's Daughter Calls For His New! 2020-09-23 18:27:42Ilham Tohti and the more than a million Uyghurs held in camps in Xinjiang must be freed and allowed to return to their families, Jewher Ilham says.

Philippines: Facebook Removes China-based Fake Accounts New! 2020-09-23 18:02:15The accounts interfered in Philippine politics and promoted Beijing's interests in the South China Sea, Facebook says.

US Ambassador, Cambodian Defense Minister Hold Rare Meeting New! 2020-09-23 17:56:41The two discussed military cooperation amid US fears of growing Chinese influence.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen Among Time Magazine's 100 New! 2020-09-23 17:36:32Tsai is lauded for her strength in facing down Chinese aggression and for a model approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

New Evidence Further Links Xinjiang Company Sanctioned by New! 2020-09-23 17:35:00The Zhuowan factory paid former camp detainees little to nothing to sew gloves for the global market.

North Korea Arrests Two for Using Fake Money New! 2020-09-23 12:52:34Counterfeiting on the rise as people struggle to make ends meet in economy decimated by coronavirus.

Ethnic Chinese Creative Workers Say Hollywood Has a New! 2020-09-23 11:50:23The criticisms come after Disney is slammed for filming parts of Mulan near mass internment camps where ethnic minority groups are held.

Tibetan Police Officer Arrested in New York as 2020-09-23 11:05:00Baimadajie Angwang had spied for Beijing since 2014, informing the Chinese Consulate in New York of the activities of the exile Tibetan community in t

China Jails Xi Jinping Critic Ren Zhiqiang For 2020-09-23 08:08:59Ruling Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping is sending a warning to others in high places not to oppose his absolute grip on power, analysts say.

US House Passes Bill Banning Imports From China 2020-09-22 22:08:29Bill would ban imports from Xinjiang unless it can be determined they were not made with forced labor.

Tropical Storm Noul Wreaks Havoc in SE Asia, 2020-09-22 20:32:36At least hundreds displaced as storm destroys farms and homes in the southern Lower Mekong region.

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Cambodians Express Joy, Sorrow, Relief After Death of 2020-09-09 12:42:39Cambodians greeted the death of Khmer Rouge commandant Kaing Guek Eav – also known as Duch – with a mix of happiness, sorrow and relief, a

China, US Vie for Sympathy Among Wary Southeast Asian 2020-09-09 12:35:17Foreign ministers from 10 Southeast Asian nations, the United States and China are taking part in discussions this week on topics ranging from maritim

Rights Monitors Raise Concerns Over Detention of Cambodian 2020-09-09 03:10:06The Special Rapporteur for Human Rights to Cambodia expressed concern on Tuesday over the recent slew of arrests of youth and rights activists, who at

'World's Loneliest Elephant' OK'd to Leave Zoo for 2020-09-08 11:33:41An elephant who has become a cause celebre for animal rights activists around the world will be allowed to leave his Pakistani zoo and transferred to

Resolution of Wartime Debt Remains Challenge, Potential Key 2020-09-06 12:42:48An agreement to convert Cambodia’s contentious wartime debt to the United States to development aid or which would forgive the sum would substan

U.S.-Cambodia Commemorate 70 Years of Diplomatic Ties 2020-09-05 14:01:00In the first seven months of 2020, the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh has organized many events and activities, including conducting forums at the Royal A

Cambodia’s Plan to Establish Internet Gateway Raises Concerns 2020-09-04 05:15:27The Cambodian government has proposed the establishment of a national internet gateway to control and monitor online traffic, drawing concerns among r

Khmer Rouge Prison Chief Duch Dead At 77, 2020-09-03 03:13:35Khmer Rouge Prison chief Kaing Guek Eav, who ran one of the regime’s most notorious and brutal prisons that resulted in the torture and deaths o

Notorious Khmer Rouge Prison Commander Comrade Duch Dead 2020-09-02 08:35:54The Khmer Rouge commander known as 'Comrade Duch', Pol Pot's premier executioner and security chief who oversaw the mass murder of at least 14,000

COVID-19 No Match for Southeast Asia's Booming Drug 2020-08-31 08:36:31A string of mammoth drug busts and low street prices for methamphetamine across Southeast Asia this year suggest COVID-19 has done little to stem the

U.S. Pushes Diplomatic Ties to Reset Cambodia Relationship 2020-08-24 14:19:53Observers and analysts have said the United States embassy was looking to reset its relationship with Cambodia on the back of the prolonged celebratio

China Pledges Year-Round Data to Mekong Countries Amid 2020-08-24 08:40:32Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday pledged to share year-round hydrological data for the Mekong River, addressing recent concerns raised by countrie


អាជ្ញាធរ​ខេត្ត​កណ្ដាល​ថា វៀតណាម​បន្ត​សង់​សំណង់​រឹង ២ទៀត តាម​តំបន់​ព្រំដែន​មិនទាន់​ឯកភាព​គ្នា New! 2020-09-23 17:05:00អាជ្ញាធរ​ខេត្ត​កណ្ដាល​អះអាង​ថា វៀតណាម​បាន​រុះរើ​តង

អង្គការសិទ្ធិមនុស្ស​ស្នើ​ឱ្យ​បញ្ឈប់​ការ​រើសអើង​អ្នក​ស្រឡាញ់​ទាំង ២ភេទ New! 2020-09-23 16:32:26ថ្ងៃទី២៣ ខែកញ្ញា នេះ​ត្រូវ​បាន​កំណត់​ថា ​ជា​ទិវា​សម្

អនុ​ប្រធាន​បក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​ថា គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​កំពុង​ធ្វើ​ការងារ​ជាមួយ​សហគមន៍​អន្តរជាតិ​ក្នុង​ផែនការ​វិល​ចូល​ស្រុក​ជា​ថ្មី New! 2020-09-23 15:20:21មន្ត្រី​ជាន់​ខ្ពស់​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​អះអាង​ថា ថ

ពលករ​ខ្មែរ​មួយ​ចំនួន​ធ្វើ​ការ​នៅ​ប្រទេស​ថៃ​ជួប​ការ​លំបាក​អំឡុង​មាន​វិបត្តិ​ជំងឺ​កូវីដ-១៩ New! 2020-09-23 13:03:48ពលករ​ខ្មែរ​មួយ​ចំនួន ដែល​ធ្វើ​ការ​ងារ​នៅ​ប្រទេស​ថៃ (

សហរដ្ឋ​​អាមេរិក​ បន្ត​ចោទសួរ​រឿង​មូលដ្ឋាន​ទ័ពរាម និងប្តេជ្ញា​​ជួយរក្សា​អធិបតេយ្យកម្ពុជា 2020-09-23 09:35:00សហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក​អះអាងជា​ថ្មីទៀតថា ប្រទេស​មហាអំណាច​ម

ប្រជា​នេសាទ​នៅ​ជ្រោយ​ចង្វារ​បារម្ភ​បាត់បង់​មុខ​របរ​នេសាទ​ត្រី​ដោយសារ​អាកាសធាតុ​ប្រែប្រួល 2020-09-23 02:05:00ប្រជានេសាទ​ជន​ជាតិ​ចាម រស់​នៅ​​លើ​ទូក​ ស្ថិត​នៅ​ក្ន

"បក្សកាន់អំណាច​លែង​អោយ​តម្លៃ​រដ្ឋធម្មនុញ្ញ​ ខណៈ​​ច្បាប់កំពូលនេះ​មាន​អាយុ​២៧ឆ្នាំ" 2020-09-22 18:25:00អ្នកឃ្លាំមើល​សង្កេត​ឃើញ​ថា​ចាប់​តាំងពី​ត្រូវបាន​បង

មតិ​ទូទៅ ថា​លោក ហ៊ុន​ សែន​ ផ្តល់​គំនិត​បែប​គីង្គក់​លក់ថ្នាំ​ស្រែង​ 2020-09-22 18:11:04តំណាង​សហជីព​ សង្គម​ស៊ីវិល​ និង​អ្នកវិភាគ​ រិះគន់​លោក

ពលរដ្ឋ​រង​គ្រោះ​ដីធ្លី​នៅ​ក្នុង​ខេត្ត​កោះ​កុង​ស្វាគមន៍​សហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក​​ដែល​ដាក់​ទណ្ឌកម្ម​​ក្រុម​ហ៊ុន​ចិន​ UDG 2020-09-22 16:45:00ពលរដ្ឋ​រង​គ្រោះ​ដីធ្លី​នៅ​ក្នុង​ខេត្ត​កោះ​កុង​ស្វា

អ្នក​​ចុះហត្ថលេខា​​ចូលរួម​​យុទ្ធនាការ​បញ្ចប់​អំពើ​និទណ្ឌភាព ឡើង​​ជាង ២ម៉ឺន ២ពាន់​នាក់ 2020-09-22 16:15:00យុទ្ធនាការ​បញ្ចប់​អំពើ​និទណ្ឌភាព​នៅ​កម្ពុជា មាន​អ្

ភិក្ខុ កើត សារ៉ាយ មាន​ស្មារតី​ល្អ ហើយ​បន្ត​ចិត្ត​ជា​អ្នក​បួស ទោះ​កំពុង​ជាប់​ឃុំ 2020-09-22 12:10:07សាច់ញាតិ​ព្រះភិក្ខុ កើត សារ៉ាយ អះអាង​ថា ព្រះអង្គ​នៅ​

តុលាការ​ខេត្ត​ត្បូងឃ្មុំ ផ្ដន្ទាទោស​សកម្មជន​បក្ស​ប្រឆាំង ៧នាក់​ឲ្យ​ជាប់​គុក​ពី ៥ ទៅ ៧ឆ្នាំ​ក្នុង​សំណុំរឿង​រួម​គំនិត​ក្បត់ 2020-09-22 10:55:00តុលាការ​ខេត្ត​ត្បូង​ឃ្មុំ ​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី២២ ខែកញ្ញា ​ប្រ


ស្វាយ អង្គារ៉ា និស្សិតសាលាពហុបច្ចេកវិទ្យាលើកដំបូងគេដែលវិលត្រលប់ទៅធ្វើការនៅប្រទេសកំណើត 2020-09-22 08:51:28បន្ទាប់ពីបានរៀននៅសាលា

សហភាពអឺរ៉ុបដាក់ទណ្ឌកម្មលើក្រុមហ៊ុនចំនួន ៣ ពីបទរំលោភលើទណ្ឌកម្មប្រឆាំងលីប៊ី 2020-09-22 08:26:56នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ចន្ទ ទី២១ កញ្ញា

អ.ស.ប.អំពាវនាវឲ្យចូលរួមជាមួយយន្តការណ៍ "Covax" ដើម្បីទទួលបានវ៉ាក់សាំងបង្ការកូវីដ១៩ ស្មើភាព 2020-09-22 08:26:04អង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ​បា

មហាសេដ្ឋី​ដែល​រិះគន់លោកស៊ី ជីនពីង ត្រូវ​តុលាការចិន​ផ្តន្ទាទោស ឲ្យជាប់ពន្ធនាគារ ១៨ឆ្នាំ 2020-09-22 08:01:51ប្រទេស​ចិន​បាន​បំបិទ​

បេក្ខជនសរុបជាង១១ម៉ឺននាក់ត្រៀមខ្លួនប្រឡងបាក់ឌុបនៅថ្ងៃទី២១ធ្នូ 2020-09-22 02:05:10យ៉ាង​ហោចណាស់​មាន​បេក្

លោកអ៊ូ ច័ន្ទរ័ត្ន៖រចនាសម្ព័ន្ធចាស់នៃអតីតបក្សប្រឆាំងភាគច្រើនចាប់អារម្មណ៍ តែនៅរារែកក្នុងការចូលរួមបង្កើតបក្សថ្មី 2020-09-22 01:57:08អតីត​អ្នក​តំណាង​រាស្រ

ផ្លាកប្រជាជន ដែល​បាតុករ​ថៃ​បា